The workshop can be cleaned up as follows:

(a) First Section:
First delete ecs-cluster CloudFormation stack that was spawned by the CodePipeline, this will delete both ECS services (BlueService and GreenService) and LoadBalancer stacks.
Next delete the parent stack. This should delete all the resources that were created for this exercisie

(b) Second Section:

    • Go to the ECS Service -> Select your Cluster -> Tasks Tab -> Select all tasks and Stop all Tasks.
    • Task Definitions -> Select the task created -> DeRegister
    • Delete the Service created
    • Go to EC2 Service -> Load Balancer -> Delete Load Balancer and Task Groups
    • Go to VPC Service -> Select the new VPC created -> Delete it. This will help speed up the ECS delete in the next step.
    • Go to ECS Service -> Select the Cluster you created -> Delete
    • Optionally delete the newly created IAM Service Role and Security Groups