Commit new code

This chapter will guide you to commit new code and track the progress through the CodePipeline and Blue/Green environment.

For testing Blue Green deployment, Go ahead and login to your shell (Cloud 9), go to the local repo of ecs-demo-php-simple-app, make a change in ECS Sample App. For example, edit src/index.php and update the background-color from #333 to #b03043 to change to Red background color as shown below.

cd ecs-demo-php-simple-app

Open the src/index.php -> Change #333 to #b03043 -> Save and quit

git add .
git commit -s -m "Changing the background color to Red"
git push origin master

When prompted for userid / password, enter the userID and github token as password.

After commiting to your repo, Code Pipeline will pick the change automatically and go through the process of updating your application.

Click on "Review" button in Code pipeline management console and Approve the change. Now you should see the new version of the application with Red background.