Create ALB

We are creating Load Balancer to be used by the ECS Service that we will create in the next step.

Go to EC2 Service -> On the left, scroll down to "Load Balancer" and create a new ALB starting from below snapshot: dashboard Configure the Load balancer as shown below populating Name, Protocol, VPC (caution: select the newly created VPC), select both the availability zones and subnets: dashboard Select the Security Group that you may have created already (with "http:80" and "custom TCP:8080" rules) and if not, select creating a new security group: dashboard Configure the Routing for the Load balancer as shown below by creating a new Target group, select IP (for serverless container hosting on Fargate), Protocol http: dashboard Bypass the Step5 (Register Targets) and Click Next button. We will register our container instances during creation of service.

Click Create and complete the creation of the Load Balancer and wait until the Loadbalancer is provisioned and active.