Create Task Definition

Select Fargate -> Next Step -> Fill in the name, select the role to be created as shown below. If the role has been created in earlier assignments, then it will appear in a drop-down list selection:

Populate the CPU and Memory configuration as shown and click “Add Container” button to configure the image:

To select the Image URI, go to the “ECR” Service and sort the list of Repos by creation date & identify the latest repo created by the CloudFormation template in our earlier CI/CD steps. In this case, we can see the sorted repo “edeupu04gcin”. It would be a different name for your setup, so please click that repo:

Note the Image URI as shown below:

Populate this Image URI and set the container name as shown below. This is the name the container will be instantiated with:

Once saved, your container image is configured for the Task Definition:

Leave the other parameters as default and create the Task Definition.