The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate integration of ECS Fargate with the CI/CD pipeline and deployed using Blue-Green deployment method. The AWS CloudFormation templates creates a CI/CD pipeline for the application development workflow. The template creates resources using Amazon's Code* services to build and deploy containers onto an ECS cluster as long running services. It also includes a manual approval step facilitated by lambda function that discovers and swaps target group rules between 2 target groups, promoting the green version to production and demoting the blue version to staging.

As a stretch goal (Section 6), we will also explore Blue/Green deployment method using CodeDeploy on AWS Fargate. This method utilizes the recommended native functionality offered by CodeDeploy to configure Blue/Green deployment. We will build this part of the workshop manually without using CloudFormation so as to get deeper insight into individual knobs and settings.

This reference architecture is in reference to blog post on Blue/Green deployments on ECS using Lambda.
In the later section, where we build infrastructure and utilize CodeDeploy Blue/Green method, the guidance is based upon the blog post: Blue/Green deployment using CodeDeploy on Fargate