Review Setup

Once the CloudFormation template run is completed, it is recommended to review the setup as per following steps. During first phase, the parent template (ecs-blue-green-deployment.yaml) kicks off creating VPC and the resources in deployment-pipeline template. This creates CodePipeline, CodeBuild and Lambda resources. Once this is complete, second phase creates the rest of resources such as ALB, Target Groups and ECS resources.

Below is a screenshot of CodePipeline once all CloudFormation templates are completed. You may check that by selecting Services -> CodePipeline -> Select the latest created pipeline. Go to Services -> CodePipeline -> Select the latest pipeline created -> Go to the Deploy Stage -> Click "Approve Blue/Green Swap" -> Approve the stage -> Wait for the swap target-groups to occur and Deploy stage being re-triggerred. This will occur for the first time. Now the pipeline should look like below with all stages marked as "Succeeded".